Saturday, October 8, 2011

Livin' the Single Life in a Pumpkin Patch

I have visions for this picture. I may even dedicate an entire page in a photobook to it and showcase this as a prime example of how utterly happy my children were growing up....because it's the only picture I have of the two of them smiling (and they're fake smiling at that).

So, I'm a single parent this weekend. Papa bear needed to rebuild the shed (because remember, the "professional" tree cutters dropped a tree on our old one) so I'm without him. Instead of wallowing in a wasted weekend, I decided to power up my patience and take them to Milburn Orchards. This place is gawgeous; big; animated and lots of fun. I pictured hours upon hours of fun....they lasted 55 minutes which was how long it had taken us to even get there. In summation? This was my day.

Yelling to get out of the house "on time" because I wanted to get there right at opening to avoid the crowds= 60 people already there at 10:05am; Paid $8/pp= Ava bear not wanting to do anything but drop to the ground and play with gravel....the...entire....55 minutes; Brought stroller along to carry Ava bear when she got too tired= her insisting on pushing the stroller straight into the hundreds and hundreds of people standing in her way; Katie bear just wanted to play in the sand box = Ava bear hating the feeling of sand on her fingers=agreed on playing on wooden structures which produced about 3 head injuries and 2 face injuries; A fun corn maze that entertained Katie bear = lost one or both cubs at least 3 times.  

I came home and told Papa bear that if he ever considered leaving me that I wanted the kids during the week and he could have them on the fun "Fallfest" weekends.

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