Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green (bleep) and ham

Rosemary Wells is on my hit list. I shouldn't say that. The woman has saved me from countless, er, I mean developmentally-approved minutes of time with her fabulous Max and Ruby series but today, at 6:06p.m., she has made it to my way too long hit list. And why? Is it because Max rounded out K-bears already....spirited personality? Kind of. Is it because Ruby rounded out K-bears already slightly bossy personality? Well, maybe.  Or is my anger really misguided since my issue is more with Max than Rosemary, herself? It all stems from two simple words that changed my life forever.

"Bad eggs."

Before this video, K-bear ate eggs. She ate them up in the dozens. We considered purchasing a few chickens just to feed her ever-growing appetite. But ever since Max said he didn't like eggs, eggs became the monster in the refrigerator. I was fine with it when I was pregnant since eggs became the monster that triggered nausea but when trying to celebrate one of Dr. Seuss' most wonderful books on his birthday? Something had to give.
But, always up for the challenge, I dodged a bullet and instead made one of my favorite casseroles! I call it "Green (bleep) and ham." This is by far one of the yummiest casseroles I've ever been introduced to and I lovingly stole it from one of my very best friends. I highly recommend it for any meal of the day!

Green (bleep) and Ham

12 eggs
4-5 English muffins
splash of milk
1 Ham steak (or if you're really crazy, you can add cooked sausage, cooked bacon, peppers, whatever works best)
at least 1 cup of cheddar cheese
Green food coloring

*Now before you start hollering that this is the most vague recipe you've ever heard, I wanted to give you the impression that even you (yes, you!) can make this recipe and change up the amounts based on your families preference.*

Spray a 13x9 pan with cooking spray. Cut up the English muffins and place the half's on the bottom of the pan. There will be room left over so if you're a type A personality and would like to fill in the blank spaces, be my guest. If you're lazy like me, 8 halfs will be fine. Next, crack the eggs (you know, just in case you've never made eggs before) and add a splash of milk. Add 2 drops of green food coloring. Beat it. Beat it real good. Ah, let's beat it. (Please sing to the tune "Pump it" from the 80's). Pour the eggs evenly on top of the English muffin halves. Add the ham, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, peppers, broccoli, kitchen sink, whatever you'd like on top. Then put a truck load of cheddar on top. Cover with foil.

Bake at 350 for 40 minutes. Remove foil and peek at the beautiful creation. If the middle is set (not ooey, gooey), add more cheddar cheese and cook until beautifully golden and set.

Other options: There are endless possibilites to this easy dish. Everything can be scaled down calories and health-wise to include whole-wheat English muffins, Egg beaters, veggies, low fat cheese and milk. Scaling down the ingredients also work as you see from the picture. I made an individual serving of it by just using a half of an English muffin, 3 eggs, and cheese.

So, then you might ask, how did it go over with K-bear? Goldilocks- 1; Max- 0! Thank you Dr. Seuss because it is a huge success!!!!! She screamed over at me, "Mommy! I like this! I really like this!"

And, of course, Ava bear didn't need the special casserole dish and just dove right in as she usually does with everything on her tray. Even the dogs got a healthy sampling in their water bowl. Hey, it's protein, right?

Eggs have returned to our refrigerator, our bellies and our lives and the one thing I learned from all of this is that we do like Green Eggs and Ham, we do, we do, Goldilocks, I am.

For more great ideas to celebrate Dr. Seuss' books, I absolutely love the Chalk Talk blog They even offered up the idea of using whipped cream and lime sherbert in place of green eggs and ham. Hey, that's where those food colors would come in handy!

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